Hand Painted Wood Carved Figure

Traditional Kokeshi Entitled: Ohara Shosuke by Artist Goro


Age:1926 (Showa era)

Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 3-1/4"h x 2-0"w x 1-1/2"d

This is an exceptionally detailed wood-carved figure of Ohara Shosuke. This beautifully painted doll depicts one of Japan’s famous folk heroes, who lived in Aizu Wakamatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture dancing down the pathway. He has been immortalized in song as a great lover of sake and is always seen walking around town, too and from the bath, with his sake flask either tied to his waist or in his hand.

The figure is intricately carved in his blue Yukata, (traditional summer Kimono), with white brushstroke lettering and a decorative multi-colored sash, (narrow Obi tied in the front), a headband called a Hachimaki (a symbol of perseverance and courage, protecting the wearer from demons and evil spirits), Gourd Tokkuri, (Hyotan sake flask suspended from the Obi sash), and Sashimono (flag banner). His expressive face is detailed and has a Buddhist hairstyle pulled from the side to the back of his head. Additionally, he is wearing a Tabi style thong footwear,(Zori). The plaque on which it is fixed has translated information stating Ohara Shosuke at Bandai National Park, made by woodcarver Goro.

Condition: This figure is in exceptional condition and truly loved by the previous collector. No fading, missing elements, and as originally crafted. Beautiful collector's piece.

Here is what is in song and verse about this National character—

To wit: Ohara Shosuke-san…how has he squandered his fortune away? By getting up late, drinking early, and taking baths first thing in the morning. That’s how he’s squandered his fortune away. Oh, motto da! ah, motto da! (naturally!)