An Introduction

Mingeiarts represents the essence of traditional Japanese life that moves not only the spirit, but adds richness to peoples’ lives. All merchandise offered by mingeiarts is unique, unusual, and true to custom, craft, and function. We travel to Japan on a regular basis to buy handcrafted and original Japanese objects for our clientele, and to meet the demands of the ever-growing numbers of individuals new to collecting Japanese folk art. We do not have a catalogue beyond what is on our website which is updated monthly for your consideration and special purchase.

We invite you to preview and purchase our offerings by clicking one of the first page links or the images above for specific categories of interests. In this Discovery section you will get a description of the specialty along with images of an impressive number of representative examples. When you enter our Shop section (on-line store), you will find pieces for sale. Again, our site is updated regularly so that our customers have the opportunity to see and purchase at their convenience. All items are described as clearly and fully as possible based on our research and experience. All of our items are authentic, true to origin, and in some cases seldom available. was created in an effort to provide accurate information on and about Japanese antiques, vintage arts and collectibles. It’s all too often that collectors find incorrect or misleading information all across the Internet by individuals only interested in selling. We believe in education and giving you an opportunity to expand your knowledge through our Discover section, and an opportunity to visit and exchange your knowledge through our Archive/Blog.

One Response to “An Introduction”

  1. Mas and Keiko Ota 1 July 2010 at 5:39 am #

    Dear Michael and Robert,

    Congratulations on your beautiful web site. It is really done well. From your recnt e-mail, we thought it would be worth surfing to find your site. Now you won’t have to send us special notices about netsuke.

    Mas and Keiko

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