Lighting – Andon

One of the most popular components of the Asian household are beautiful sculptural lighting elements so enjoyed by Asians, American, and Europeans today. Japan shares a history of a floor-level lifestyle with other cultures and continues to utilize floor and table lighting with its many different styles and functions which became in huge demand then and today. The Japanese enjoy a wonderful history of unique interior furnishings, and certainly, the carved stone garden lanterns, simple oil lamps/candle stands, and Andon, (table or hanging paper and silk lamps) play a major part in the universal appeal of Asian interiors. In the process, the Japanese have turned the simple task of lighting their nights into creating beautiful, sculptural elements appreciated and collected for their uniqueness.

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Please enjoy the attached video in an effort to gain a fuller perspective of the subject.

Our special thanks to: The Traditional Crafts of Japan | Japan Traditional Craft Center and Kaneko Osamu | Silo, Ltd.- Hayashibara Group | Japan Foundation

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