After our first retirement from 30 years in post secondary education, we both returned to the Monterey Peninsula in 1998 to open a Japanese import business and retail sales gallery in operation for twelve years. We both went into semi-retirement in 2010 and established our e-commerce site located in downtown Portland, Oregon. We continue our yearly trips to Japan to find the unique and unusual.

Our story collage

“The pure land is the world in which we who are different can truly live together as one” – Shigeshi Wada

Objects tell the story. In past times, objects and their symbolism had meaning. Objects were handcrafted, seasonal, had purpose for varying groups of Japanese people, and brought back thoughts of distant time and customs. Mingeiarts’ objective is to recall and share memories and tradition, and offer only antique and vintage folk art for others to enjoy. As retired Art and Design Professors, we have searched Japan for over thirty (35) years to find those valued treasures, showcasing traditional craftsmanship and detail for you to enjoy. Pass them down to your loved ones by adding another chapter to their history…YOURS.

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