Condition: Excellent

Antique Japanese Bamboo Basket For Textiles | Meiji period | Rare

Descriptive Qualities—
This is a beautiful complete top and bottom handmade antique basket for storage of textiles and small clothing made in 1930. The basket incorporates a basket-weave plaiting pattern in creating a wonderful effect with the use of smoked Madake. A thin bamboo band strengthens the rim as well as contributes to the overall finish of the basket. This type of clothing basket came with a top in an effort to keep dust off of clothing, which are stored for varying lengths of time. The loose weaving of the bamboo allows for air circulation. Condition: rich patina, incredible condition, with no worn corners or breakage. Dimension: 17-0” x 13-0” x 3-1/2”.

Additional Information—
Stepping into a mature Madake bamboo grove is like entering another universe. You feel dwarfed by towering bamboo giants. A bamboo grove is a testament to the resilience of life on earth. It becomes apparent upon seeing the bamboo grove that the Shakuhachi truly embodies the simplicity and versatility of bamboo.

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