Condition: Excellent

Chinese Shiwan (Shekwan) Ware | Dongfang Shuo | 1890-1919

Dongfang Shuo (154-93 BCE), courtesy name:  Dongfang Manqian, a scholar-official, Fangshi, author, and court jester of the mid-Former Han period, who came from Pingyuan. When Emperor Wu, (seventh emperor of the Han dynasty), mounted the throne, he was looking for magicians or Daoist masters throughout the empire. Dongfang Shuo submitted a memorial introducing himself. He was appointed gentleman-attendant, (lang), then later promoted to gentleman attendant-in-ordinary, (changshilang), and was granted the honorific title of Superior Grand Master of the Palace, (taizhong dafu). Dongfang Shuo was known for his harmonious character, excellent words, and splendid knowledge. He therefore often served Emperor Wu for cordial entertainment.

Here Dongfang Shuo is standing with his walking stick; fish in hand. He is finished in a beautiful and unusual feather or leopard skin glaze that was developed during the Quin Dynasty. His robe, fashioned walking stick, beard, face and hair, (Queue), are exceptionally detailed. His simulated straw hat hangs off his back. The only unglazed portions of the figure are the face and hands.

Condition: Pristine and excellent: no chips or missing elements, repairs or crazing. Piece has an impressed stamp indicating it was made between 1890-1919, as well as the artist signature stamp which reads Huo Jin on the bottom of the piece. Dimensions: 4-0”w x 12-1/2”h (10.16cm x 31.75cm).

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