Condition: Excellent

Chinese Shiwan (Shekwan) Ware | Fisherman Drinking Tea | 20th/Century

This vintage Chinese mudman has a charming face as he sits by his perfectly scaled pot for tea. His hat is wonderfully detailed to resemble the grasses from which it is made. His face and hands are unglazed, with his eyes merely indicated by a hole poked into the clay. He has the standard white, flowing beard and bushy eyebrows, and wears a robe of blue, trimmed in yellow/green. His white trousers and brown shoes complete the impression of this local fisherman. And finally, he sits on a wonderfully textured stump/table.

Condition: excellent: no chips or missing elements, repairs or crazing. Pieces with an impressed stamp of “CHINA” on the bottom indicate this piece was made between 1890-1919. After that time the mark changed. Dimensions: 2-3/4”w x 4-1/2”h (6.9cm x 11.4cm).

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