Condition: Excellent

Chinese Shiwan (Shekwan) Ware | Mudman | Poet Li Bai | 1890-1900

This is a representation of Li Bai, also known as Li Po, who was a Tang Dynasty poet, acclaimed in his own day to the present as a genius, and a romantic figure; celebrated and depicted across generations. His early poetry took place in the context of a “golden age” of internal peace and prosperity in the Chinese empire, under the reign of an emperor who actively promoted and participated in the arts.

Li Bai sits reading a book of poems. His robe, along with his unusual official headdress and hair treatment, is an indication of his stature. The mottled turquoise glaze on his robe demonstrates the beauty that is an inherent part of Shiwan ware. This figurine has a glazeless expressive face and hands. His hair and headdress are standard for his rank and period. And finally, the bench on which he is sitting is wonderfully detailed with elements representing grasses and flowers. Condition: Excellent: no chips or missing elements, repairs or crazing. This piece is unmarked, indicating the piece was made early in the period, (1890-1900). Dimensions: 2-3/4”w x 4-1/4”h (6.9cm x 10.7cm).

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