Condition: Excellent

Chinese Shiwan (Shekwan) Ware | Shou Xing (God of Longevity) | 1890

Shown is a character representing ‘long life’. According to Chinese folklore, longevity is described as wise, knowledgeable and capable of ruling the world. Here the God of Longevity has a long white beard and an enormous high bald head. The story is that because of his bald head, Shou Xing was embarrassed to go out in public, and therefore often went to the hills and meditated. Eventually he decided to ravel deep into the hills, where no one else had dared to travel. He had a calling, and this did not return for 1000 years and nine generation later.

The focus on this piece is in his unglazed arms and hands where he holds a turquoise glazed peach of Immortality. His shaved, elongated head is unglazed and he has a textured beard. On the back of his head is his queue prominently shown glazed, and in contrast to his beard and lower hairline. His robe is a combination of cream and brown. His face is wonderfully expressive and welcoming.

Condition: Excellent/Perfect: no chips or missing elements, repairs or crazing. This figure has a no incised markings, and presumed to be made early in the 1890s. Dimensions: 3-0”w x 6-1/2””h (7.6cm x 16.51cm).

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