Condition: Excellent

Chinese Shiwan (Shekwan) Ware | Standing Fisherman with Pipal (raincoat) | 1900

Shown is a Chinese fisherman Standing with fish in hand. Known also as Shiwan Gongzai, this piece was purchased in a small town located in Gungdong province, China. Pottery making in Shiwan went back thousand of years, (Ming/Qing dynasties), representing the daily customs of everyday people: a very popular, collectable folk art.

The most notable feature of this large Shiwan figure is his raincoat. Chinese raincoats have gone through several changes over the centuries. The earliest forms of Chinese raincoats were made of straw with the name of ‘straw rain capes’ or ‘coir rain capes’. Originally, capes were made of Chinese silvergrass. These rain capes are still used, especially among farmers and fishermen, as documented in this figure. However, during the period in which this Shiwan figure was made, (Qing Dynasty), another type of raincoat was developed which was called, a pipal raincoat, because it was woven with pipal tree leaves, which research shows this one to represents. NOTE: It was the kind of raincoat also worn by the Qing-Dynasty emperors and officials, where in stringent rules on the use and color of the raincoat were enforced.

The figure is beautifully and deeply glazed, with a robe in blue/turquoise; his trousers in white; his rain coat in an unusual eel yellow glaze; and his straw hat, nicely detailed, in green. The fish his is carrying is in yellow orche. His hair and beard are white, indicates he is an elder, and are perfectly intact. His hands, feet and face are unglazed. Notice the wonderful strapping detailing representing his sandals.

Condition: Pristine and excellent: no chips or missing elements, repairs, or crazing. Piece has an impressed stamp on the bottom of the piece indicating it was made between 1890-1919. Dimensions: 3-0”w x 8-0”h (7.6cm x 20.32cm).

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