Condition: Excellent

Chinese Shiwan (Shekwan) Ware | Wang Xizhi Holding the Peach of Immortality | 20th/Century

Wang Xizhi served as a general and an imperial officer in the Jin Dynasty, and a famous calligrapher of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. He is still honored as ‘the’ calligraphy sage, generations later. Hence we see his representation in many forms. Experts have described his calligraphy as “the dragon jumping over the heavenly gate and the Tiger lying in the watchtower of the phoenix.” He was traditionally referred to as the ‘Sage of Calligraphy’.

This figure of Wang Xizhi is finished in a deep pomegranate red glaze. In the Qing period this color may have had further symbolism that could have hearkened back to the earlier period of bravery and loyalty to the ruling empire. Here we see him standing holding the “peach of immortality”, having an expressive face and traditional beard for which he is known. In this particular example his shaved forehead had a symbolic meaning, particularly for men, as it represented virility, which additionally marked social or civil status.

Condition: Excellent/Perfect: no chips or missing elements, repairs or crazing. This figure has a “MADE IN CHINA” incised seal on the bottom, dating it from around 1980-1919. Dimensions: 2-3/4”w x 7-0””h (6.9cm x 17.78cm).

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