Condition: Excellent

Diety of Wealth, Happiness & Longevity | Fujurokuju | Vintage Kutani | 1950

Descriptive Qualities—
This is a vintage and superb example of Kutani ware in the form of Fukurokuju. He is the god of wealth, happiness, and longevity. This bearded deity has an identifiably elongated forehead and dome-shaped bald-head symbolizing wisdom and age. He is typically shown in the customary garments of a Chinese scholar, and in this case, he is holding a scroll, (makimono), of sacred teaching, which includes all the wisdom of the world. Additionally he has his arm around a seated crane, which also is representative of Longevity.

This Fukurokuju is exceptionally detailed, and has beautifully glazed garments in deep orange, green and purple, and features hand-painted patterns in gold trim over the garment. He has an unglazed bisque head and beard with a wonderfully warm facial expression, with the traditional elongated ear lobes, all combined with a white slip glazed to highlight its features. The piece has no chips, dings, scratches, or repairs. There is an impressed mark on the bottom of the piece with the artist’s name. Dimensions: 6-1/2”h x 5-1/4” dia.

Additional Information—
Fukurokuju originated from an old Chinese tale about a mythical Chinese Taoist hermit sage renowned for performing miracles during the Northern Song period (960-1279). In China, this hermit, (also known as Jurojin), was a member included in the earliest representations of the Seven Lucky Gods. Kutani differs from other Japanese ceramics due to its use of powerful, bold, and magnificent designs and motifs using five main colors: green, yellow, red, blue and gold. Kutani from these early periods are referred to as Ko-Kutani.

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