Condition: Excellent

Ehon: The Artist and the Book in Japan | Roger Keys | Hardcover | 2006

Ehon, or “picture books” are part of an incomparable 1,200 year old Japanese tradition. Created by artists and craftsmen, most Ehon also feature essays, poems, or other texts written in beautiful, distinctive calligraphy. They are by nature collaborations: visual artists, calligraphers, writers, and designers join forces with papermakers, finders block cutters and printers. The books they create are strinkingly beautiful, highly charged microcosms of deep feeling, sharp intensity, and extraordinary intelligence. In the elegant, richly illustrated Echon, renowned scholar Roger S. Keys traces the history and evolution of these remarkable books through seventy key works, including many great rarities and unique masterpieces, from the Spencer Collection of the New York Public Library, one of the foremost collections of Japanese illustrated books in the West. Condition: Excellent in original shrink wrap.

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