Condition: Excellent

Ethnic Jewelry: Africa, Asia, And the Pacific | Michael Butor | Hardcover | ISBN: 0865659540

The collection on which this book draws is outstanding, with many pieces that are absolutely top class. The number of objects shown is limited. The photography is great, and the whole book is beautifully produced, with large size images. Sumptuously photographed ethnic pieces from the collections of the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva shine brightly as the stars in this magnificent cavalcade of representative and decorative jewelry from various civilizations and kingdoms of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. Serving as an introduction to the photographic section, the image-provoking text-esoteric at times because of its literary quotations-focuses on various types of adornment for skin, hair, clothing, and weaponry created from gold, silver, precious and semiprecious gems, minerals, shells, teeth, and hair. Brief captions are sprinkled throughout the photographs, with fuller descriptions located in the catalog section at the end. The book is primarily useful for designers, artisans, and anyone interested in anthropology, ethnology, primitive art, or exotic jewelry.

The publisher is Vendome Press, (1994). First edition. 248 pages. Photographers: Pierre-Alain Ferrozine. Book Condition: New and in flawless Excellent condition with its original dust jacket and shrink wrap. Dimensions: 11.8” x 15.5”

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