Condition: Excellent

Faces: Character and Wisdom in Shiwan Ceramic Sculpture | Paperback | Barry Till | ISBN: 0-88885-224- X | 2005

Among the ceramic sculptures of China, none can rival the Shiwan figures in terms of modeling, vivid expression, and colorful glazes. IT is an art form of pure Cantonese taste, and the pieces reflect the characteristics of the Cantonese people — bold, earthy and fun-loving.” This little book includes: History of Shiwan, Clay, Glazes; Symbolism of the Human and Animal Sculptures; and Potters. All in vivid color and written in English.

Condition: Used, like new, Shrink Wrapped. 96 Pages in full color. Dimensions: 9-0”w x 8-0”h x1/4””d.

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