Condition: Excellent

Four Tiered Lacquered Kagawa Orb-Shaped Jubako Box | Tsukemono, (pickles); rice; meat/fish dish | Sageju | 1940

Shown is a perfectly symmetrical orb, Japanese, antique Jubako tiered box. It dates to the early Showa period, circa 1940’s. The finely crafted wooden container is painstakingly carved and coated as many as 30 times with urushi clear, red lacquer on the ribbed surface. The top tier acts as a cover to the box as well as a serving piece, and used with the bottom tier. The center tier is used for diverse protein items, and the top tier is used for tsukemono/pickles and has a separately carved lid with handle and is colored in bright vermilion lacquer. The bottom tier is a bowl, which typically would hold rice. The exterior is a deep wine color. This is a very fine piece. Condition: The piece is complete and is in beautiful condition considering it’s great age although there are cracks and losses to the lacquer. Note the deep exterior ribbing to give texture to the piece. Dimensions: 6-0”h x 5-0”dia.

Additional Information —
Japanese lacquer arts are some of the most beautiful in the world. The deep, shiny luster of black or dark red lacquerware, often gorgeously decorated with gold and silver lacquer or inlaid with mother-of-pearl, is a Japanese art form that has long fascinated the world. No other application style can match the deep hues and smoothness of Japanese lacquer finish, (urushi). Lacquerware stands as one of the most distinctive forms of Japanese beauty.

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