Condition: Excellent

Haiku Painting | Leon M. Zolbrod | Hardcover | 1983

Haiku is not simply a type of poetry but a way of looking at the world, a philosophy of life. This extra large book has 48 pages of dazzling and delightful haiku-influenced paintings. It contains a nice selection of paintings by Yosa Buson, the Haiku master and largely unheralded Haiga painter. Haiga by Basho are also included. Haiga is a branch of Haikai that has to been extensively explored in the West. There have been a few book of modern western Haiga, but books on Japanese traditional Haiga are scarce. This book was considered groundbreaking in its subject matter, being the first in the English language to deal with Haiku painting. The main text gives a concise generl discussion of Haiku paotry, the development of Haiku painting, the schools and artists, and the popular culture that supported them. Condition: Excellent, with its dust cover and in its original shrink wraping. Dimensions: 14.5”h x 10.3”w, 0.5”d.

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