Condition: Excellent

Houan Nakazato, (Toroemon XIII) | Karatsu-Yaki Pottery Sake Cup | Showa Period

This is a Karatsu-Yaki Sake Cup by Taroemon XIII, (Houan Nakazato). Purchased at the the Nakazato family kiln, (kama), in Karatsu, on the southern Island of Kyushu, this beautiful, classically-shaped Sake cup has a warm, white glaze, with the bowl’s interior glazed white, with brown feathering of the lip which run over into the exterior surface. Irregularities and imperfections are highly prized, considered one of a kind, and often featured in the Tea Ceremony. The bottom is unglazed, and shows the “three-dot” mark, (Kamajirushi), of Houan Nakazao, Toroemon XIII, born in 1923. He assumed his title after the passing of Muan Nakazato, Toroemon XII in 1985. Houan Nakazato was designated a “Living National Treasure” in 1976, and in the process returned Karatsu-Yaki to the forefront of Japanese ceramics. Condition of the piece is excellent, with no chips or cracks. Dimensions: 5” dia. x 3 -1/4”h    

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