Condition: Excellent

Inspired Design: Japan’s Traditional Arts (Hardcover) | Michael Dunn | ISBN: 88-7439-041-6

This book attempts to explore what makes Japanese design in traditional arts so unique, and suggests that two factors might be considered as having provided the nutrient for its evolution. The book describes and illustrates objects that reflect this sense of design, and examines them in their historical and social context. Objects have been grouped into those that are made respectively from mainly animal products, mainly vegetable products, and mainly products from the earth — the basic materials that nature provides. Shown are bamboo products, furnishings, baskets, paper and a wonderful artistic range of lacquer in a variety of forms and decorations that traditional artisans achieved with these materials. A comprehensive glossary is provided to explain Japanese terms that are used in the text. Book Condition: New and in flawless, excellent condition with its original dust jacket and shrink wrap. Dimensions: 9-3/4” x 11-1/2”.

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