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Inspired Flower Arrangements | Toshiro Kawase

In this strikingly beautiful and revolutionary work, Kawase has taken a fresh approach to flower arranging, demonstrating, through breath taking color photographs, his universally appealing style of bringing nature indoors.

Often misunderstood as a static art form, its rules frozen by generations of teachers, Japanese flower arranging should in fact be a dynamic relationship between man and nature, with every arrangement holding infinite possibilities of form and statement.

While based on a thorough knowledge of traditional techniques, Kawase’s designs are liberated by this personal response to the natural environment. The arranger, in his view, is an artist, not tied down by the perceived way of doing things, but free to express himself. The object, ideally, is to create a form of “floral poetry.”

Hence the word “inspired” in the title: his aim being to inspire, to suggest new ways of designing with flowers. At the same time, though, he provides practical tips for beginners, explains the importance of using the right containers, and shares his own thoughts on what makes a particular arrangement eye-catching or graceful. Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition. ISBN: 4-7700-2386-3.

Additional Information —

Born in Kyoto in 1948, Kawase earned a degree from Nihon University College of Art, and did graduate work in theater and film in Paris. Returning to Japan in 1974, he developed his own approach to flowers based on tate-hana, (“standing flowers” – developed by the priest Ikenobo Senkei as a part of the formal arrangement for the tokonoma), and the nageire, (“thrown in” – refers to flexible designs that reflect the changing patterns of modern life), styles.

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