Condition: Excellent

Japanese Animal Art Antique | Buten and Lea Baten

This book touches on many facets of Japanese art, reflecting indigenous religions, folk beliefs, and remarkable methods and materials used through the ages. Here we have a treasure trove of animal symbolism, myths, and facts, explained in a lively and comprehensive manner, and accompanied by excellent photography. For all Japan lovers, the intriguing animal theme can be an inspiration to collect appealing animals, interesting techniques, and unusual materials.

The contents are divided as follows: Mythical Animals; Wild Animals; Domestic Animals, Birds; Fish and Marine Life; Reptiles and Amphibians; and Insects.

This book is a hardcover publication and has a total of 111 pages, beautiful color photographs, and includes a quick review of Japanese periods in history in the front of the book. The book is new, spine unbroken and in its original shrink wrap.

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