Condition: Excellent

Japanese Bronze Mini Garden Lantern | Contemporary

Shown are two beautifully detailed bronze lanterns typically used for indoor atriums and ryokans. The motif encompassing the lamp housing represents the roof of a Japanese Cottage, showing sensitive detailing of the traditional thatched roof. Condition: Excellent. The lanterns will require a Low Voltage Transformer (ML88T) to connect to an electrical source which can be purchased at most hardware stores. Dimensions: 16-0” h.

Additional Information—

From the time of the introduction of bronze for swords and weapons, great civilizations incorporated bronze in folk art and sculpture. The ancient Japanese, from at least 1200BC, knew lost-wax casting, section mould casting, and sand casting. The finishing techniques incorporated corrosive materials to form a natural patina, like what is shown in this walkway or indoor garden lantern.

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