Condition: Excellent

Japanese Clocks | N.H.N. Mody | Hardcover | 1967

This unique, classic and rare Tuttle volume is indeed a must for the complete collector of Japanese art. The publication is in English and was limited to a mere 200 copies in its first and only printing. Beautifully photographed and reproduced in 135 plates, 270 black-and-white photographs and a total of 582 pages, the clocks tell the story of the development of the early Japanese time pieces. Added to the above classification of clocks, the author in a few brief prefatory chapters tells of the introduction of the fist clocks to Japan around the middle of the 16th century, probably coinciding closely to the arrival of the first European foreigners to the Japanese Island.

The author also describes the early method of time measurement, which was originally in China, when the day was divided into two periods (sunrise to sunset and sunset to sunrise) of six equal intervals. In addition to numbers, clocks faces were adorned with the 12 signs of the zodiac so that the traveler would know by the approaching hour of the “Cock”, that he should hasten to find an inn to rest his weary soul. The plates, many with more than one time-piece depicted, show in clear detail, the simple and crude mechanisms that gave them motion. Even more, they depict the beautiful craftsmanship of the early artisans for whom the metal casings and wood stands ere just other mediums in which to display their talents.

Here, then, is not only a book about clocks, but a book about clock making, generously illustrated to show it as the art that it is. Condition: The hardcover book itself, (full crimson morocco gilt), is in perfect condition with its dust jacket, which is slightly faded and minimally tattered over the years. Dimensions: 7-5/8”w x 10-1/2”h x1-1/4”d.

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