Condition: Excellent

Japanese Costume and Textile Arts (Hardcover) | Seiroku Noma

This informative book, with 43 illustrations in full color and 149 in black and white, describes the development of Japanese textile art in relation to the social background of the times. The author discusses two outstanding forerunners of the modern kimono: the kosode and the costumes of the Noh theatre. Examples of costume art and types of textiles, decorating techniques, and designs—all these are discussed here in a book of scholarly excellence and fascinating interest.

This is a like new copy, shrink wrapped, unbroken spine, no markings, no tears. Stated second printing, 1974/1977. ISBN: 0-8348-1026-3.

About the Author— Seiroku Noma (1902-1966) graduated from the former Tokyo Imperial University where he specialized in art history. He served as Curator in Chief at Tokyo National Museum and is author of two additional books entitled: The Japanese Sense of Beauty — Haniwa, and The Arts of Japan.

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