Condition: Excellent

Japanese Folk Toys: The Playful Arts | Lea Baten | Hardcover | ISBN: 4079756127

A book to dazzle you with the incredible inventiveness of the diversity of Japanese folk toys. Known since antiquity as fetishes and fertility bringers, they are invested with every virtue dear to the heart of mankind. From north to south, each region reflects its unique characteristics, mirrors myths and materials in the typical toys and colorful artifacts intended to tempt the passing pilgrim or traveler. All have a personal history rooted in fact or fantasy, but their most meaningful message is silent, one contained in the omiyage, the memento of a journey, however small.

Published by Shufunotomo Co., Ltd, 1st Edition, 1992, 152 pages in full color and English. Book Condition: New and in flawless Excellent condition with its original dust jacket and shrink wrap. Dimensions: 8.75” x 0.5” x 11-0”

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