Condition: Excellent

Japanese Hagi-yaki Single Tea Cup | Heisei Period

Hagi-yaki pottery, which has been made for over four centuries, blossomed and has been famous to this day for making all types of Japanese pottery. The charm of Hagi-yaki pottery lies in the texture of the clay and unglazed surfaces, and in this case the bottom of the piece and foot. This results in another interesting characteristic, that is, that its color and tone change with use, especially if used to drink tea. Hagi-yaki pottery also effectually expresses a certain “simplicity” due to the original standards of its style, the characteristic of the clay, and the glazing technique. Thus, Hagi-yaki pottery has been widely appreciated by experts of the tea ceremony.

The piece has an fine crackling finish of off white with the signature notch on the foot indicating Hagi ware. Beautiful to the touch with shallow ribbing under the glazed surface. The piece is in fine original condition. Dimensions: 2-3/4” dia. x 3-0”h.

Additional  Information —

It all began during Hideyoshi’s invasion of Korea in 1592. Hideyoshi ordered a Hagi lord, Mori Terumoto, to bring back two famous Korean pottery, the brothers Yi Sukkwang and Yi Kyung, and make them establish kilns in Hagi. This is why Hagi-yaki pottery was also called Kourai, or Korean pottery.

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