Condition: Good

Japanese IRORI Miniature JIZAIKAGI |Smoked Bamboo with Koi Carving and Kagi Hook | Vintage 1940s

This old and rustic Japanese Jizai Kagi would have been suspended over the hearth and used to hang a water kettle over the fire so that tea would be available at a moments notice. Obviously used by a rural farm family, and small which indicates that it was used in a small fire pit in a sleeping area. The hook, (Kagi), has been left natural, the Koi and natural piece of bamboo, (kan), is “sootted” from years of use. It has the original saru-nawa, (rope/twine),  laced around the bamboo and to hand the piece. And, last but not least is the Koi carving to add a decorative touch. The bamboo is split and has been that was since it purchase in 1946 and brought to the United States by a military family.

This Koi and the shaft of the Kagi was used to adjust the height of the small water kettle over the low coal fire. The center of a traditional Japanese home was the Irori or the Kamdo– the sunken hearth in the middle of the room. Condition: Good for its age and use/Great character/aesthetic as shown in the accompanying images. Dimensions: 24-0”L x 7-0”w

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