Condition: Excellent

Japanese Lacquer Art (Illustrated Edition) | National Museum of Art | Hardcover | ISBN: 0-8348-1524-9

This beautiful and exceptional 300 page publication was produced by Weatherhill in 1982. Lacquer—gleaming blacks and reds on graceful shapes, glittering flecks of gold and silver imbedded layer upon layer, surfaces polished to a deep sheen. Lacquer’s beauty has charmed generations, and here is a book that does justice to this great tradition. Presented in these pages is an unforgettable array of masterpieces in lacquer by thirty-eight contemporary Japanese masters, a stunning selection that was exhibited at national museums in Kyoto and Tokyo. Lavishly portrayed in 246 full-color plates, these pieces range from elaborate, multi-chambered cabinets to the simplest tea containers. Represented are such famous artists as Gonroku Matsuda, the undisputed leading figure in the world of Japanese crafts and a “living national Treasure” of Japan, and Yozei Tsuishu XX, twentieth in a long line of lacquerers.

An additional 36 pages of vivid color photographs illustrate in step-by-step sequences more than twenty intricate lacquer techniques, including mother-of-pearl inlay, carved lacquer, gold-filled engraving, and metallic-dust sprinkling. The motifs and forms employed throughout the book span the traditional to the avant-garde, testifying both to the artists’ technical virtuosity and creative genius and to the fact that lacquer is one of the few traditional Japanese crafts that still flourish today. Supplementing these texts are analytical commentaries on the works, detailed biographies of the artists, and a glossary that further elucidate this impressive Japanese art.

To the connoisseur, collector, or admirer of Asian art, this carefully complied volume offers in-depth understanding of a sophisticated craft that is certain to flourish for generations to come. Condition: New in its original slipcover and shrink wrapped. Dimensions: 10-0”w x 13-3/4”h x 1-1/4”d

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