Condition: Excellent

Jun Kaneko | Untitled Stoneware Platter | Japanese Abstract Modern Motif | Signed and Impressed Seals | 1974-1978

Jun Kaneko was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1942. He studied painting with Satoshi Ogawa during his adolescence. He came to the United States in 1963 to continue his studies at Chouinard Institute of Art when his introduction to Fred Marer drew him to sculptural ceramics. He proceeded to study with Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner, and Jerry Rothman in California during the time now defined as The Contemporary Ceramics Movement in America. The following decade, Kaneko taught at some of the nation’s leading art schools, including Scripps College, Rhode Island School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art. Most recently, Kaneko-san has been working at the Cuernavaca Raku ceramics studio, experimenting with new glazes and the unpredictability of Raku.

This is one of his early “functional/decorative” art works incorporating his Japanese heritage, painting, and sumi-e brush work that embody two distinct sensibilities: there is the spirituality inherent in the ancient pottery traditions of his native Japan, and then there are the modernist impulses born of his studies under the masters of the California Clay Movement in the 1960s. Compared to earlier simple forms which focused primarily on functional/decorative art, Kaneko’s art forms today can be very abstract and ranges in scale with many monolithic structural forms. Research tell us that “from the start of his career, Kaneko has preferred oversized formats, which he believes foster a deeper engagement with the viewer”. His technical achievements alone have redefined the possibilities the medium has to offer. The back of the piece has the signature of Kaneko, with two impressed seals. Condition: Excellent original condition, no chips, dings or imperfections. Great collectors item to show the diversity of his work throughout his career. Dimensions: 12-1/4”dia.

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