Condition: Excellent

Neriage Ware | Wheel and Hand formed Nerikomi Sake Cup | Contemporary

This vase was made using the “Neriage” technique, which is unique to Japan and which derives from the traditional technique of creating patterns with colored clay. Neriage is made by kneading together or piling up different colors of clay. All sorts of patterns can be produced depending on the method used to combine the clay colors, with cross-sections of kneaded clay appearing on the surface of the ceramics. The mixture is then thrown on the wheel to produce the desired shape. After partial drying, the entire surface is scraped off to reveal the patterns of clay underneath. In the West it became known as Agate Ware.

This Sake cup has a beautifully fashioned pedestal foot which is great to hold. The interior has a thin clear glaze over the grey-brown and cream finish to protect both the piece and what is being consumed, with an unglazed textural exterior finish. Incised Impression on the bottom. Condition: Excellent. Dimensions:  2-3/8” dia. x 2-3/4”h. 

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