Condition: Excellent

New Bamboo: Architecture and Design | Marcelo Villegas | Hardcover | ISBN: 13: 978-9588156064

Guadua (bamboo) is a renewable natural resource that grows quickly and has outstanding environmental and aesthetic qualities. This much-anticipated sequel to Bambusa Guadua, also published by Villegas Editores, offers insight into the fascinating world of guadua’s usage and practical applications in architecture, furniture, and object design. This new book is a follow-up to the classic Bambusa Guadua published thirteen years ago, which dealt with the traditional use of guadua in the coffee region of Columbia. Featuring detailed and informative essays by Simon Velez, Marcelo Villegas, Ximena Londono, jesus Velez Estrada and Gabriel German Londono, this book is an indispensable reference work kfor anyone who is interested in the new architectural design uses of the millenary guadua, a material with incomparable aesthetic qualities.

Marcelo Villegas is a designer, specializing in contemporary objects using traditional materials and techniques. His knowledge and skill has awarded him several national and international recognitions. This 208 page book in full color, and is in English, is offered in excellent condition with slipcover. Dimensions: 9-0”w x 12-0”h x 0.9”d.

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