Condition: Excellent

Ogi : A History of the Japanese Fan | Julia Hutt & Helene Alexander | Hardcover | First Edition -1992 | ISBN: 1-872357-08-3

The Japanese fan has accompanied and reflected Japanese life and culture for over a thousand years. It is an art form which has attracted the finest artists and craftsmen, and examples take their legitimate place amongst the national treasures of Japan. Adapted for the Western market, it has attracted mass appeal by the end of the last century. Ushered in through the medium of the great International Exhibitions and by courtesy of Messrs Liberty and Tiffany, the West became aware of a novelty – a new art form with a level of craftsmanship in decoration, carving, shibayama-type inlay and lacquer work rarely seen before. Today, these export fans take their legitimate palce in the history of the Japanese fan and are in increasingly demand by collectors.

A comprehensive and authoritative account of the history of the Japanese fan, for both the Japanese and the Western market, has long been awaited and has only now been achieved through the collaboration of two experts in the field.

The 200 plus full color photographs carefully selected from collections worldwide include works by Korin and Sotatsu as well as Ukiyoe prints by Buncho, Shunsho, Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi and Kunisada, together with details focusing on find lacquer and inlay. This is an anthology of the best and most representative Japanese fans and an essential in the libraries of art historians, collectors and all interested in the Japanese way of life. Condition: Original, spine unbroken with its slipcover and shrink wrapped. Dimensions: 9-1/4” w x11-3/4” h x ¾” w.

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