Condition: Excellent

Pair of Antique Japanese Handwoven (Fuchin) Scroll Weights with Silk Tassels | Hanging Scroll Weight | 1900-1920

Pictured is a beautiful set of rare Japanese handmade Fuchin from the 1900s. They have a metal weight for the interior that is encased, (just like an egg,) with a wonderful braiding technique similar to the Haori-himo, which is a jacket tie, and delicate netting over the outer edges of the piece. This pair is complimented with a Gold silk tassel. Condition is excellent with no repairs, fading or missing textile parts. The egg form weight measures 1-0” in diameter x 1-1/2” long. The total dimension including the Gold Silk tassel, is 10-0” in length. 

Additional Information—

Scroll weights, “fuchi,”, are a decorative accessory, and is traditionally used when displaying Japanese scrolls, or what are more commonly called “hanging scroll weights.” A pair of these small tasseled weights are hung from a scroll’s bottom end-rollers called jiku, which help keep the scroll hang straight, keep it from curling, and control it from moving. Scroll weights are also used to take creases out if the scroll does no have appropriate weight of its own.

Wooden boxes called “kiribako”, made of paulownia tree (“kiri”) are for storing scrolls when they are not displayed. It is not unusual to find these custom made boxes with a special side pocket designed to store scroll weights that were specifically made and coordinated to compliment the scroll on display.

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