Condition: Excellent

Paulownia Wood Suzuribako with Makie Lacquerwork | Japanese Calligraphy Box | Taisho

The cover of this densely-grained antique Japanese paulownia, (kiri), wood writing box, (suzuribako), is decorated in low relief lacquer with black, gold and red makie in a design of flowers, bamboo and grasses. This complete set is from the Taisho period (1912-1926). The interior of the box, which has Negoro lacquer throughout, holds the ink stone, small ink stick, a smooth reddish-copper water dropper, (suiteki), and two original brushes also decorated in red and black Negoro lacquer. All housed in a signed wooden kiriwood storage box. Condition: Excellent and complete set. Dimension: 9-1/4”L x 4-0”w x 1-1/4”d.

Additional Information —
A suzuribako is a traditional Japanese writing box made to hold a set of implements for calligraphy. Within the box, one typically finds a black ink stone, a metal water dropper which can be removed and filled with water with a tiny opening or spout at the edge allowing the calligrapher to wet the stone’s surface in a controlled manner. Liquid ink is created by rubbing the ink stick’s tip lightly on the moistened stone, using a circular motion, and adding water to dilute the ink as necessary.

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