Condition: Excellent

Reimei | Breaking Light: Arts of 20th Century Japan | Kagedo Japanese Art; Cline, Jeffery; Knospe, William

Reimei, (Breaking Light) explores the 20th century arts of Japan. This is a comprehensive survey of all genres of modern Japanese art: from ceramics to sculpture to basketry to painting and lacquerware to metal work. Japan experienced great change and upheaval in the 20th century, and the clouds of war and natural disasters played their part in breaking the old patterns, however, the transition to modernity was well underway before 1900.

Much artwork from the first decades of the century explores imagery from nature, which is beautifully exemplified in this publication. Until recently, few in the West have paid attention to Japanese modernism. This publication was designed to bring new light to the way people see Japan, modernism, and its path to the present.

This is a pristine copy in like dust jacket, which appears as new.  There are 209 Color plates, and beautifully illustrated, with descriptions of each entry in this 317 page publication. ISBN: 0-9663306-3-3. 2007. Dimensions: 9-3/4” x 13-1/2”.

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