Condition: Excellent

Sosaku Kokeshi by Kuribayashi, Issetsu | Summer Daisies

Descriptive Qualities—
This is a very early and rare creation made in 1950. The simple wood turning of each element directly complements the hand- painted floral motif on the body of the piece. Images used to decorate Kokeshi are often wonderfully simple and effective communicators of meaning. Sometimes, such as with this piece, the images are meant to be somewhat realistic, and many resemble real flowers found in the countryside. The daisies and leaves here have been colored and reduced to bare essentials to communicate the artist’s feelings and emotions about the subject. Condition: Exceptionally good, original condition with impressed seal. Dimension: 11-1/2”h.

Additional Information —
From Yonezawa City, Kuribayashi-san, (1924-2011), is considered one of the founding Fathers of the Sosaku-Creative movement. His dolls have won every major award given over the years. He began his career in 1955 and is featured in the Nuremberg Toy Museum in Germany along with fellow Sosaku artist Watanabe Masao. Many of his dolls are decorated with stylized Kiku, (Chrysanthemum), a popular theme for this artist.

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