Condition: Excellent

Sosaku Kokeshi by Takahashi, Hashime | Iris Blossom

Descriptive Qualities —
The artist has chosen to use the flower motif of Hanashobu, (iris ensata), which is commonly referred to as the ‘Japanese Iris’. In Japan, the iris has been interpreted as an expression of wisdom, hope, trust, fondness, courage, and admiration. This is why iris flowers are used extensively in the Japanese spring festival for boys. Because of their flower form and amazing colors, Japanese irises have been likened to oversized fluttering butterflies.
The use of two different types of wood make this doll especially interesting, and celebrates nature and the iris in its finest. The carved ribbing on the body of the piece gives further dimension to the form. Dimensions: 14-1/2″h. Condition: Excellent and great detailing and color retention. The piece is signed by Takahashi.

Additional Information —
Originally a fine arts painter, Takahashi-san is from Sendai, (where Traditional Kokeshi were born), in Miyagi Prefecture. His artistic background also includes time spent as a craftsman of Yuzen silk kimono dying. He is a multiple award winner in yearly Kokeshi competitions, receiving the Prime Minister’s Award, the highest honor bestowed on Sosaku Kokeshi artists. All of his work is easily recognized by the painterly designs decorating his dolls. Now deceased, his son, Akinori is carrying on the family’s tradition, but in limited production.

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