Condition: Excellent

Tadahiko Nakanishi Summer Tea Bowls | Akahada Summer Style | Fired Japanese Pottery Bowl | Contemporary

This pair of beautifully hand formed Chawan (tea ceremony bowl), Akahada Summer Style by Tadahiko Nakanishi. All of his works are made from local clay that’s dug and processed near his studio, leading to an unusual rustic aesthetic. This wide-topped and short silhouette tea bowl is finished with a thin white paste and with carved grasses seen through the finishing glaze. The white glaze being thin allows the brown pottery base to show through the finish. This is an excellent summer bowl which allows tea to cool easily with the wide surface to give a cool feeling while drinking summer tea. Incised stamp on the beautifully formed foot. Heisei period and in beautiful original condition. Incised Impression on the bottom.Dimensions: 4-1/8” dia x 1 7/8h”.

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