Condition: Excellent

The Art of Japan | Yoshiko Kakudo | Softbound | 1991

The contemplation of works of art offers unique opportunities to explore new realms of imagination and perception. Guided by the artist’s insight, flowing the artist’s hand and eye, we enter lives, cultures, and worlds that can be known in no other way. The unparalleled creative energy of Japanese artists, inspired over the centuries by both quotidian and sophisticated desires, is represented in this magnificent volume for more that 145 masterworks in the collection of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

All the major catagories of the art of Japan are encompassed in this survey, featuring ceramics, metal wares, lacquerwork, Buddhist sculpture, screen and scroll paintings, and inro and netsuke on 256 pages. From five-thousand-year-old ceramic vessels to nineteenth-century paintings, each object is endowed with elegant and strength, the result of skill and passion invested in it by its maker. Condition: Excellent and as originally purchased with unbroken spine. Dimensions: 9-0”w x 12-0”h x 0.8”w.

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