Condition: Excellent, Great

The Time of Tea by Dominique T. Pasqualini and Bruno Suet

This two-volume set focuses on the subject of tea. From China to India, Japan to Great Britain, tea is a national institution in many countries. The first volume contains photographs taken during nine years of travel in China, Tuaregs, the UK, Japan, France and Sikkim. The second volume contains text that unfolds the ritual of sharing a cup of tea, and covers many other subjects, such as trade, fermentation, taste, political economy and time. For Bruno Suet, “The Time of Tea” was an opportunity both to make this photographic work as well as also to work with Dominique who wrote an amazing text on the tea and to publish this book with the publisher Marval. This book has become a collectors’ item, as the first edition is extremely rare and hard to find. Both books are in excellent used condition, and shows normal ware only on the Velcro closure. Paperback, 504 pages, dated 2001

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