Condition: Excellent

Vintage Japanese Chu-Natsume | Urushi Lacquer Tea Caddy | 1960s

This beautiful lacquered tea caddy has a glossy rich black and red, colored lacquer on shaped wood. It was made for freshly sifted usucha, (thin green tea), used for serving guests, or in the tea ceremony. Condition: Excellent with no dings, chips or fading. Dimensions: 2-5/8”dia x 2-0”h.

Additional Information—
The Japanese Tea Caddy, (Natsume), is named for its resemblance to the natsume fruit (jujube). It is short with a flat lid and rounded bottom, and is usually made of lacquered or untreated wood. Cha-ire and Natsume are used in different ceremonies; normally cha-ire is used when serving koicha, and natsume for serving Usucha. Natsume is considered a high-ranking tea utensil.

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