Condition: Excellent

Vintage Japanese Kushi Gold Lacquer Comb and Kanzashi Hairpin | 1940

Shown is a Vintage Japanese Hair comb set consisting of two pieces. The pair of hair accessories have been decorated using Japanese Makie (Gold lacquer), illustrating a pattern of flowers, leaves and and a exaggerated face in the left hand corner of the comb. The gold lacquer work goes down just to the edge of the tines on the comb, is also repeated on the reverse side of the comb.

The comb and hairpin is gorgeous two-tone blonde color in which the hairpin being darkened in the middle. The same gold lacquer motif on both ends of the hairpin is like the extended Makie motif on the hair comb.  This Kanzashi pulls apart for ease of use. It is most likely Pyralin or Resin, a Faux Tortoiseshell or Becco appearance,  and has extremely fine decoration. Dimensions: Kushi- 3-6/8”L x 2-1/8”h; Kanzashi-6-1/4”L. Condition: Excellent, with all the teeth fully intact.

Additional Information —

Japan’s oldest combs are said to belong to the Tomei remains from the Saga Prefecture about 7000 years ago. It seems that ancient combs were also used for fortune telling and prayers. In the Edo period, the women’s hairstyle that had been hanging straight up until that time became “a hairstyle of the movement”, so the demand for combing and hanking, (coiling, knotting, looping a piece of hair) became in fashion.

These artworks are the crystallization of the best of techniques such as woodworking, metalworking, lacquer art, openwork, inlay, mother-of-pearl work, These valuable cultural assets vividly show the scenic beauty in Japan, spiritual prosperity of the Japanese people and unparalleled skills of the Japanese ancestors.

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