Condition: Excellent

Vintage Japanese Natural BAMBOO Tea Caddy | Netsume | 1960

his is a beautiful and simple wabi sabi style tea caddy in two-tone natural bamboo and coated with lacquer. It is inscribed ornament shows elements of the leafy bamboo tree. Condition: Excellent with no chips, cracking/splitting with tightly fitting lid for an approximately thirty year old piece. Dimensions: 2-3/8” dia x 2-1/4”h

Additional Information—

According to the records, tea was first introduced to Japan from China in the early ninth century by Japanese Buddhist monks. When the Japanese court in the mid-ninth century sent the last of the missions to China that were the means for its extensive cultural borrowing from the continent, tea drinking seems essentially to have died out in Japan. After a lapse of some three hundred years, however, tea was reintroduced from China in the late twelfth century by a priest of the Zen sect of Buddhism, and over the next few centuries tea-drinking spread among all classes of Japanese society. Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu), which was created in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the midst of Japan’s samurai-dominated medieval age (1185-1568). It is green powdered tea, which is scooped into a rather large bowl and whipped into a frothy, bitter-tasting drink with hot water poured from a kettle.


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