Condition: Excellent

Vintage Japanese Shishigashira “Lion Head” Articulated Wood Carving | 1970

This is a wonderful example of Ittobori style carved Shi Shi (lion dog) articulated head. Shi Shi are known to “repel evil spirits”. The jaw is attached by a wooden dowel, which allows the mouth to open and close. Tapping your finger rapidly on the chin makes a wood clapping sound to bring attention to its’ presence. Age: Pre-1970. It’s condition is excellent, fully workable, and is in its original signed kiri wood box. The box also houses a small green and white Zabuton, (cushion), for presentation, along with a paper explanation written in Japanese. Dimensions: 3-0″ w from ear tip to ear tip, 1-3/4”d x 1-7/8” h.

Additional Information —

Shishi means LionGashira means head. This carved Japanese Shishigashira articulated lion head is made of Keyaki (Zelkova) wood. During the last 1000 years, more than 100 kinds of Shishimai have been designed and crafted in Japan, (seen at the entrance of public buildings and in private residences throughout Japan). The traditional lion dancer wearing the Shishigashira, (Lion Head), is known as Shishimai. It is said that “Japanese people use Shishimai when praying for a good harvest, spirit purification, or to drive away evil influences”.

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