Condition: Great

Vintage Japanese TA-I, Red Sea Bream Kashigata | Wooden Hand Carved Sugar Teacake Mold | Matsu Confection Mold for Rakugan | 1957

This mold is a two piece complete set. Rakugan are dry sweets that have been pressed into a shaped mold as shown in these images. The name “rakugan” describes the sheet’s original 17th century form, when the pale, powdery blocks were sprinkled with a few black sesame seeds, thought to resemble a flock of geese in flight. Later that century, confectioners began to use carved wooden molds to give the rakugan it individuals shapes.

These molds, known as Kashigata (confectionery form), or kigata (wooden mold), are among the Japanese favorite objects. Molds come large and small, for everyday treats or for ceremonial purposes. There are a handful of carvers who can still produce the smaller molds used to make this popular confection.

Two pegs hold the mold in place while the cake is being formed. This piece is in very good condition, with some minor use scars due to the age of item. The delicate carving of the fish mold is beautifully represented. The piece is marked and signed by the confectioner. Dimensions: 6-0” L x 4-3/4” w x 1-1/4” d.

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