Condition: Good

Vintage Kaleidoset Brain Teaser Cards | Master Resources Council | 1973

YES IT IS A TRADITIONAL EXPERIENCE AND FORERUNNER TO THE COMPUTER AGE. ”Kaleidoset is a unique design-making set composed of three simple forms: the circle, the square, and the triangle, each divided into quadrants. The inherent mateability of these basic shapes enables anyone to compose striking kaleidoscopic images of infinite variety and offers hours of traditional entertainment”. Condition: Good and complete with the original instruction pamphlet. Dimension: 3-0” x 3-0”.

Kaleidoset is simple and it is complex — it adapts itself to the child! For the learning child Kaleidoset provides a rare blend of important skills, (hand-eye coordination is placed in the stimulating context of geometry, paten-recognition, and the fundamentals of art and form appreciation. Perhaps most importantly, it serves as an ever-changing stimulus to the imagination. Because Kaleidoset is many learning centers in one handy package, it is ideal for the entire family. In a group of children this unlimited design potential becomes a special link between diverse imaginations. Kaleidoset is about discovery in a world of change.

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