Condition: Excellent

Vintage Lacquer Wood Kushi and Kanzashi Hand Painted and Inlaid with Mother of Pearl | 1940

This is a vintage heavy and high quality wood and lacquered kushi and kanasahi set from the 1920s. This ornamental hair set is carved and lacquered in black with hand painted golden leaves, berries and inlaied flower bud with mother-of-pearl, on the upper portion of the comb and ends of the hairpin. This is a lovely piece of Japanese craftsmanship. Age:1940’s. Condition: Excellent with all the combdrumbs, (teeth) intact. Dimensions: Kushi – 1-3/8”h x 3-3/8”L; Kanzashi – 5-0”L

Additional Information —
Kushi and Kanzashi are elaborate Japanese hair ornaments often worn with traditional Japanese clothing and now throughout contemporary society. There are many different styles of Kushi & Kanzashi, depending upon what they are made from and how they are fastened into the hair.

A Japanese comb and hairpin is about much more than just styling your hair. Some 400 years ago, Japan took the simple comb and transformed it into an elegant beauty accessory that became a work of art. Japanese kushi, (combs), and kanzashi, (hairpin), became expressions of a woman’s character, social class, religion. People could even tell what neighborhood someone lived in by looking at their hair ornaments. According to an ancient Japanese proverb, “A woman’s hair is her life”, (Kami wa onna no inochi), and from the early 1600’s until the beginning of the modern era, decorative combs and hairpins have been an important part of Japanese fashion.

Note: Please understand that as with all antiques & vintage items there may be signs of aging. Please refer to photos for exact condition. All photos are taken under natural light to provide most accurate representation as possible.

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