Chinese Miniature Ivory Carving

Antique Chinese Ivory Miniature Carving of a Baby Boy | Signed



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 1-0”h x 1/2”l & w

Offered is a miniature and rare, Ivory, 3-Dimensional hand carving of chubby male baby sitting upright, sucking his finger with realistic male genital appendage, which is an important aspect of this piece. It demonstrates exceptional expressive facial features with tuft of hair, belly button, fully detailed toes, feet and hands, and natural folds of the body. Signed but unidentified. 

Condition: Perfect Unaltered condition, beautiful patina 

NOTE: In Chinese art the depiction of young boys is considered a sign of good fortune, representing the blessing of having many sons to carry on the family name. This is without a question a gender preference issue because historically, couples have favored sons for a variety of reasons, including to continue the family name, provide security for the parents' old age, add to the family labor force, and perform ancestral rites. It is said that women would carry these small figures in a silk pouch in hopes of giving birth to a male child.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTA special Thanks to preservation efforts, animals and endangered materials (e.g. ivory and rare woods) are conservatively used today, if not banned altogether. However, we recognize that these materials have been important since ancient times for making a wide range of functional and decorative items. We only feature antique ivory and rare tree species because, while we support conservation, we truly feel that the experience and appreciation of historic artifacts should also be preserved.