Vintage Japanese Silver Obi-Dome Obijime Belt Clasp


Dimensions: 2-1/2”w x 2-2/8”h

As part of our oriental collection, we are delighted to offer this beautifully ornate Japanese silver Obi-Dome belt clasp, made in two panels joined by a buckle clasp. The handworked carving is depicting an Orange Flower bud on either side framed with a decorative border and center panel. Wonderful for its intended purpose but also could be repurposed into a handsome brooch.

Condition: Very Good, wonderful patination. Unmarked as related to the quality of the silver.

NOTE: In the latter period of the Edo age [1603-1867], Obi-dome became the invention of the Oiran and was later adopted by the Geisha from wealthy families. Wealthy Oiran and Geisha adorned their obi with bronze Kanemono and Menuki (metal fittings) of Katana (Japanese sword) as a vow of love. Later numerous kinds of Obi-dome were made of material not limited to and including coral, jade, precious stones, Chrystal, ivory, tortoise-shell, cloisonné, glass, gold, silver, and pottery.