Japanese Antique Basket

Antique Japanese Bamboo Ikebana Moon Form Basket



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 14-0”h x 12-0”w x 13-1/2”l

Shown is an artistically and boldly executed moon form Ikebana Basket evoking the natural organic look complimenting the Japanese tea ceremony for which it was used. It is made from smoked, (Susutake), with a body weave consistent with a hemp leaf pattern, (asa-no-ha), that creates a lattice through which new wefts are introduced in alternating twill and mat plaiting. The rim is done in a Makebuchi technique and creates a platform for the curved basket to be firmly seated. There are inserted tendrils of wisteria root into the design, created a variegated honey-toned patina from age.

Vintage Condition: Excellent as originally made. “As is” with no flaws or cracking, from the effects from aging, and retains the original craft/workmanship.

NOTE: Ikebana bamboo-woven baskets were originally crafted for fisherman and farmers in Japan in order to hold fruit and fish, however, after becoming popular Japanese folk art items during the 19th century they were often used in tea ceremonies and floral displays as well. Some baskets may be woven with a repeating loop pattern, while others featured the shapes of moons (also known as "moon baskets"), which were typically crafted during the late Meiji era.